Top twelve CP Pokémon


No problem👌🏻
I just wanted to share that.


Actually it was a joke (not that i am that good though), but youre very right out there





I guess you won



Would love to show if there wouldnt be that dumb limit of 1024kb


Agreed. That stupid limit is very annoying.


My top 12 hasn’t changed in the last 8 days.


Updated squad :wink:


Just got my first top 12 where they are all >3k


But how


Slaking: I had a Slakoth buddy for about 200km and got lots of 10k ones.
Tyranitar: Buddy larvitar for about 400km and hatched 2
3418 dragonite: lucky dratini hatches
3380 kyogre: legendary raid in a city, then rare candy to the max
3349 dragonite: buddy dratini for 300km and got 2 hatches, then powered up
3095 gyarados - i live in a town with lots of rivers so magikarp is relatively plentiful.
3063 dragonite - 98% iv dratini hatch during double candy, evolved in Berlin’s Hauptbahnhof station (irrelevant but cool for someone who lives in Scotland) and a lot of dratini hatches to evolve and community day for power up
Snorlax - a couple of good 10ks and some buddying later and my first good snorlax is powered up a bit. Then i hatched another and powered it up a lot. I hatched a third, maxed it with more lucky hatches and then here we are.
Shiny Dragonite - community day - i have another but its worse.
Salamence - 5 bagon hatches, then a 6th today let it get to level 31.
Rhydon - a pokemon I have had since 2016. Not the best IVs but when maxed out it is good.
Gyarados - another newcomer. For the mew quest.

A newcomer for the mew quest should be called a mewcomer. I claim it :stuck_out_tongue:


I added Salamence today.


If it starts working again though, you’ll have a really OP second account


I hope you got a few better ones now?


That’s still at the top since I’ve been almost playing less, but it’s much more close now. A lot of random 2400s


Excuse me! Scratch that, thanks to tyranitar CD I have two CP 3300 BEASTS, and I caught my first and second Kyogres today, one shiny! I powered up that one too, so a big shift in the cosmos!


If I have plenty of revives and potions I use my best ones to defend gyms, if not I use my worst ones, then send them to the Pokémon hospital. The Pokémon I wish I had is a shiny Gyarados.


I’m not into IVs or being competitive (the two I have there were pointed out to me and figured I’d power them up since moltres will help me with my mawile hunt, but otherwise I power up my prized shinies :'D