Top twelve CP Pokémon


Another update


I live next to water. That’s why I see loads of Feebas and Magikarp.


I want that 2!


As you can see in the updated update another Gyarados came by😁


Do you think its also like that in Kijkduin?


Kijkduin is and always will be a voltorb and magnemite habitat. Of course you’ll get a lot magikarp and stuff, but the amount of electric you’ll get there is baffling.


Are there any good electic types you can catch there?


It is. But there also spawn a lot of starters, geodude, Makuhita and Meditite atm, and sometimes larvitar and dratini

Not too special, if I want to get a lot of rare spawns I go to delft centrum. (I live near The Hague and delft)


Zapdos with your research breakthrough box :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I mean wild in Kijkduin


The best electric type I encountered there was a magneton and a electabuzz (when it was really rare)


I am going there in a couple of hours. Shall I bring a report in a different post?


I’ve bever been in Kijkduin.





Had to delete my two Slaking because they took the top 2 spots


I never even saw it.


I only have 3 Slakoth😝


yes, 2 Slakings already. I have one around 2600 CP too


really like the diversity of your top CP-ers, i have something similar.