Top twelve CP Pokémon


Because i definitely didn’t put anything in the search bar




This is my nooby top



Hah, whose is better @KingQ07 ?


I only powerd up my 98 iv lvl 40. I did catch many high iv and cp slakoths so the only thing i had to do was evolve them. It was my goal to had only 4k+ pokemon at my first page. And yes, they are useless but also nice. And about the candy i needed, i am very lucky with 10km eggs


Awesome!!! :metal:t3::laughing::metal:t3:


But my second page is more impressive and not a waste of stardust


Still waiting for the first EX pass… :disappointed:


Y’all are insane! My best is 2601😑


Mine is 2100~ wild donphan, but that’s because I had to create a new account since my google one stopped working for some reason. On that one, my best was a CP 2700 or 2800~ Rhydon. I was level 28 or 29 (I forget), and I’m level 22 rn, almost level 23



My roster has changed a bit in the so I though I would repost.


Still got no useful 100% iv except a gyarados which still nerds to get powered up

Second page Is a lot Different Tho :joy:


It’s better to have a variety of pokemon, that’s why i’ve invested in some different mons like Omastar.


most impressive.





Lol i feel like im insignificant


same here…