Top twelve CP Pokémon


Even by this level 28 account, my top twelve is bad


I’m most proud of my Rayquaza, level 36.5 Hes 100%

#23 my file is too big to directly upload it here


I’m going to name mine McDonals too​:joy::joy:


: Slowly & steadily powering these guys up. Don’t like using my stardust though…


Here is my daughter’s account. She is Level 32


Here is my son’s account. He is Level 29.


been working hard on my 3000 club have to many to take up to max but have been raiding hard !



These are my strongest



My level 33(almost level 34) account top 12.


My highest one is lower then your lowest one


My 100 iv mewtwo didn’t make it to my top 12 :wink:


Pretty excited about that 98 perfectly imperfect weather boosted Rayquaza I got yesterday, same day I turned level 40! :heart_eyes: :dragon:



Can I ask, does it not seem like a serious waste of stardust to max out that many Slakings? They have no real use… I will defo max one out eventually just to have something with such a high CP, but other than that, I wouldn’t bother with them. That’s just my opinion, wanted to see your reasoning haha


And here am I with only 2 Slakoth caught…


Was gonna make this topic but figured y’all tired of seeing stats.

Here we go: