Top twelve CP Pokémon


Its not relevant now, when it will become relevant it will be added to app :man_shrugging:


It is relevant now since you know which Pokemon are worth keeping and which not
Magneton’s max CP tells you nothing


How do I make Calcy tell apart my two Kyogre?


Im 110% sure you will evolve at least 1 magneton, right? And you will evolve your best one, right? So whats the bloody difference if you know its cp month before release


You have to scan the ones you want to include


Second one gets automatically scanned as the first one, it doesnt tell a difference


Appraise both individually, or they are exactly same IV? Save moveset if its different


Both are 100IV level 40s, full-water movesets
Ive got to give it one thing - its fast
Much faster than Genie, results are instant and it appraises like five times faster


Are they named same? Maybe thats the problem, Im not really using battle sim much as Im trying to max out all the counters anyway


The real gold mine is you can get almost exact IV of mon b4 catching it


By just looking at the cp??




4074 CP, 155HP, Waterfall, Hydro Pump, Level 40
Names are different


That’s ur #1 Pokemon?!?!?


Yes and there is a small circle in a right bottom corner to let you see even more precise IV by scanning color of the circle


Thats my best M2 if you asking me that why I named it #1


Puff the magic dragon, lived in a sea


Im not familiar with original one but I like the name :joy:


Why am I still watching this topic😂 I get notifies like crazy.