Top twelve CP Pokémon


Another update lol


What happened to that 2nd m2??


Powered up for machamp raiding. Want to do that a bit faster than with 25 seconds remaining




My top 12


My lowest is so much lower than your lowest




A bit off topic, but why do you use Calcy? Im not sure of the differences and I find Genie more pretty to look at and it even got the name update, should I switch to Calcy?




Yes, shows possible iv combos in a catch screen and has pretty much all functions as genie


Can it also create names?


Yes, and battle sim too


I cant find the battle sim lol
And Ive found two problems with the naming - level is at least 2 letters, so it doesnt leave as much space as with genie, and Gen 4 evolutions arent included


How many characters do you really need? It may not have gen4 evos yet but they arent around either. Battle sim may not be as advanced as genie’s but its free, you have to press and hold icon then choose raid boss option


Yes, but I dont care about Magneton’s max CP, I care about Magnezone
Im using level-3*IVs-attack names-max CP (currently for everything, didnt set up the pre-evo conditions yet)
And thanks



Whats the point in magnezone’s max cp if its not even around?


Since you know how strong will your Magnezone be once it arrivws


What difference does it make? I honestly dont understand, plus calcy iv are being constantly updated and game info being added in a same or day after


Its more relevant than knowing what Magneton’s max CP will be, since you might actually use that thing