Top 12 recently caught pokemon



You can’t believe what I got from my field research breakthrough

I got a shiny Ho-oh



A lot can change in just a few days it seems. That Tyranitar is slightly better than the one I used as my Dark-type attacker, so it will take over that in due time. Same goes for that Hariyama.



Caught quite a bit to refresh my top 12.

The Girafarig and Sandlash are hundos, the Gliscor, Azumarill, Dewgong and Gabite are 98%, and the Raikou is a 96%.


I have yet to check the IV’s.



Quite a shakeup after only a week-and-a-half.






I want shiny Taillow… and Bronzor… and Feebas… and Drowzee.


Isn’t it: I want them all?


I don’t need Houndoom cause I already have it. :grin:


You wanted it, and now you have it



I’ll trade you a shiny tailow and feebas and drowzee, I have extras and I definitely want to get rid of the purple fish