To all pokemon go fans and friends ( update )


( update ) ok. To all friends and those are not. Ill be going to SC = south carolina, greenville this oct 1st. Be there oct 3th by train. My girl…wont sell her suv. So instead of talking her out of it. Well gonna drive in her suv. Go out on dates mainly eat together, i pay for all gas which im fine with that. Chat an laugh catch up on things together. Have my first kiss an well she will do something for me. For those do not what my first high way delight is. Well im not gonna tell you here. n///n

But anyways, so we gonna eat out every night try to take time together maybe make some stops on the way. She for 33 years of her life never EVER been out of her state. Ever. So this will be a adventure trip as well.



…so did she say yes?


Well i havent asked her. So ill suprise her. On the train.


This is lavender town. This topic is fine.

Congrats and good luck!


Thank you very much. God im tearing up irl. Heh. Gonna be first time husband. So much planned. :heart:


Good luck! I hope we can call you ‘Luckario’ later😁


I feel so in “luckario” wise later. So shiny. XD i love the black an red colored lucario. So cool! I caught one on my omega an alpha pokemon games. The female on i think its yellow an black color. Idk could be pink an black colored. Never found one yet.


Yea,hope so @Lucario


Sighs im sorry how i was @Kevin_v_Hoften just going through alot mixed emotions… Is all.


Its ok.:grinning::grin::grinning:


Add me on pokemon go if yall want. Ill start walking mon-fri at the location i hit 60 pokestops an 8 gyms every 5 days. Well ill try get hyped up. I think ill of my soon to be wife. To encourage me to walk. But for now i need to relax an steady my mind an coold feet. x.x


female is the same, shiny is yellow and black


Sending you positive thoughts! Just sent an add. Happy to send gifts, and not worried about getting any in return. I knew some people in Lakeland, Florida. Good people!

Enjoy your weekend with hopefully your new fiance’.


Hehe thanks an i accepted your add.


Huh. I got one that red an black. Well huh. Oh well. Anyways. Im waiting for them pokemon go release riolu and lucario. Maybe next year i think. Well i hope.


Gift sent from City Hall! I work pretty much inside a Gym, so gifts-a-plenty during the work week.


This year 99%. And good luck!


This year 99%? What? And thank you. n.n


99% chance of lucario being released this year


Great news to me. What about riolu? The basic stage of lucario? Will riolu be out too?