[TIPS] How to counter [Pokemon]


What Pokémon with what move sets would be a good counter to Blissey?


In terms of survivability Golem with any moveset


Dragonite with Outrage :ok_hand:t3:


Interestingly enough, I have selected Pinsir as my main choice for fighting the mink monster. I’ll add screen shots to help you all understand why.


Yeah I have a 100%iv dragonite with dragon tail and hurricane and it gets through blissey pretty well.


Counter? What’s that! lol I only counter the power up moves and that’s only when I’m training up a gym or dodging hyper beam. Hydro pump, solar bean, and psychic oh and dazzling gleam


Usual go to pokes for me include anything with solar beam or hydro pump… Dragonite / Gyarados are obvious choices due to high DPS output and high max CPs… I really would like a Machamp with Counter Close Combat but I just can’t get the moveset on when evolving :frowning:


I live in Florida and have easy access to Heracross. If you get one with a good moveset, they melt some pretty strong blisseys. Machamp is also good, but I only have one because I don’t see many machops.


I usually use my Ursaring and houndoom to get through blissy’s. one or the other if it’s 2700CP or below or both of its higher.


I use Gyarados. It lands 5 bites for each Blissey move, I get a mileage of 3-4 Hydro Pump depending on the Blissey in Gym. Gyarados is quick in dodging unlike Rhydon/Golem/Exeggecutor. I even take out Dragonites with it(Dragon Breath).


This one has a low HP and no STAB from fighting type.


Flareon does the trick but it has to be very similar CP. - That’s worked for me, but I think it may depend on Blissey moveset.


I regularly use Alakazam with Psyco Cut & Future Sight because of the high DPS or Exeggcutor with Zen headbutt & Solar Beam. Both need to be 2,500 CP or better.
Always looking for other moms to use than my regulars so thanks for the tips.


My fav is machamp counter dynamic punch 2548 cp it is strong if I dodge charge moves I can take out a 2900 blissey if I miss a few dodges I put alakzam with conf and future sight behind it to clean up and of course dragonite DT/HB works to clean up its 3100 cp


I’ve got crappy fighting pokemon, but just picked up a 93% Pinsir with Rock Smash/Close Combat. It’s 2118 right now. Debating if it’s worth powering up.


They are Fighting moves but have no STAB for Pinsir