[TIPS] Countering Vaporeon


We had a great article in the past about countering Vaporeon, but I kinda feel like things have changed a lot in the past 2-3 months… How are you guys countering him, is Ampharos a popular choice?

A lot of folks are mentioning Raichu

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Ampharos, Jolteon and any Solar Beam wielder


Jolteon, Lanturn and Magneton are my choices. Ampharos only if necessary :wink:


Lanturn seems to be the best choice due to its water type advantage. On the other hand if you need to finish a Vaporeeon fast a 2700 Executor with Solar Beam should do the trick.


I’m guessing you dislike Ampharos for it’s low speed?


Some dont have Ampharos unfortunately. Quite hard to get here in Romania :slight_smile:


When magnezone comes in gen 4 it will be gg for vaporeon


Mother of thunder balls :smiley: Magnezone has 2996 Max CP, just insanely good for the Trash that Magnemite is


No actually I love it, but mine has 1634 CP. it’s strong enough but I use it with stronger Pokémon than vaporeon


I have encountered 3 wild vaporeons in the wild and 2 of them ran away :pensive: and they was over 1000 CP


For training I have a 2020 CP Vileplume with Razor Leaf Solar Beam that is good for getting through a couple of ~2500 CP Vapes with good dodging… Personally I prefer using grass types with Solar Beam / Petal Blizzard due to the resistance to water damage as opposed to using electric types but that’s just my preference… As Nick used to say don’t discount the use of Parasect as well! :slight_smile:


For some reason I like to use grass types to take them down since my grass are now good, early in the game I only had jolteons so I like the variety, definitely need solar beam though if you go the grass route, a little more room for movesets with electric types.


I like to show Vaporeon who the alpha is and take him out with Rhydon


That sounds… violent :slight_smile:


It’s not violent! Just a few earthquakes :grin:


Managed to max out a 96% Ampharos, around 2640 CP and yeah, its hella slow. The real strengh of Ampharos is its stamina, I mean if you dont manage to dodge an Hydropump with Jolteon well its dead, not Ampharos :slight_smile:


Currently I use Jolteon, Raichu, or Lanturn. Would like to try an Ampharos but still don’t have a good IV Mareep or enough candies. Cool to hear other trainers counter pokémons. I hope everyone Rocks the event and get what they need!


I usually use my Ampharos, but Magneton and Raichu can do the job


I really find Venusaur to be quite effective, he’s tanky, so he can absorb a charge move or two if you miss a dodge. Razor Leaf/Solarbeam moveset seems to work well, but I haven’t been able to get one with Petal Blizzard yet to be able to test it out.


I usually go with Magneton and Raichu. Sometimes even Jolteon. I have plenty of these so don’t need to worry about constantly reviving and healing them up.