Tip for gen 4! πŸ˜‰


I have a tip. With the upcoming gen 4, I recommend a few Pokemon storage upgrades! :grin:


I recommend tons of Pinaps.


Stock up on PokΓ©mon that gain evolutions in the next generations.


*on @Thorend :wink:


If your not already stocked up i feel bad for you. Most of them are rare now


Stock up on dust and rare candies, all those Garchomp will sure eat a lot to get maxed out


@Necrozmadabest same for me but with Empoleon


Stock up on good IV cross-generation evolution pokemon


I’m already maxed out on storage. I’m trying to thin the herd, but it’s hard.


Remember to keep one of every Pokemon if they aren’t shiny or rare.


I tried to keep the highest IV final stage if non meta relevant


Ready to roll for in the 4th generation


I need them to upgrade max storage to 2000 (500000 would be ideal). I keep Pokemon from all the places I visit, as well as any shinies, over 2000 cp Pokemon, any pokemon (any that are left) from 2016 and event pokemon. For this
reason I am always above 1475 pokemon …


You know that honchkrow will be good, right :sweat_smile:


same here.