Thoughts on Halloween Event 2018


So just today the Halloween event of this year was announced. And in my opinion it is somewhat lackluster to be honest, I did not play Pokemon Go during the first instance of a Halloween event so that will not be taken into account but the Halloween event that occurred last year was in my opinion well constructed, where as this one doesn’t retain many of the factors that justified how well executed the previous event was, you do not obtain double candy from hatching eggs, walking your buddy nor transferring Pokemon and in edition they had the opportunity to implement the evolutionary stages of Pokemon such as Dusclops and Misdreavus but for some reason chose not to. Also am I the only one that believes that Spiritomb special research tasks is a bit questionable? Seeing as it does not happen to be classified as a mythical Pokemon, those factors to me enable me to acknowledge it as somewhat lackluster in comparison to the previously established Halloween events. But what do you all think of this event? I’d love to hear your reception.


But. GEN 4!!!


I like the event so far, just want the Lavender Town music to come back.


Oh yeah I forgot to include that factor aswell


Ok, for real. I understand. It is a bland event. They Could’ve done a lot more to implement generation 4, but decided to just add like 3 gen 4 mons. They could’ve made this one of the best Halloween events but decided to just do what they do every year. If this keeps happening this might not be a very good game in the future because of these kinds of things.


I’m also glad we get a mini quest to do. Quests are always fun.


Halloween is about candy time, only double catch candy is way not enough to “celebrate”.

Also, given the way to do Spiritomb special research tasks during event, there might be mini special research tasks, not necessarily about mythicals, in future events.

It’s less interesting than previous ones although there are new raid bosses and new Pokémon to catch. I mean the annual event like this should be better than the last year every year.


I was expecting lavender town and a loading screen change :man_facepalming:


At least there are 6 mons that could be shiny that have increased spawns for the next week


All tier 1 boss could be shiny, right?


Togetic was released as a T4 Raid todaty but your not able to evolve that on to Togekiss atm. This makes no sense at all.
Wake up Niantic, you’ve dropped the ball … again.


This event is not as good as last year’s Halloween event, this is true.
I don’t care about the music, I always play muted. I don’t care too much about a new loading screen (would have been nice, though), but no double candy for hatching and transferring? Meh…

I do love the idea of a small special research for releasing a new Pokémon, but 108 berries and catching 108 Pokémon is tough (doable, but not as easy as for example the Celebi quest), the worst part are the 8 unvisited Pokéstops. Guess I’ll have to talk my husband into going somewhere we haven’t played before…


I like that the Special research may take a few days or even weeks/months (for some) to complete.
There’s no need to complete it in 1-2 days. So what if it takes longer.
The game as whole is a marathon, why does every one need it to be a sprint.
I know why, how silly of me. We’re currently in the need it now Generation.


Spiritomb quests are amazing idea


It doesn’t need to be a sprint, I don’t mind that it’s a marathon, but sometimes it’s nice to sprint. Both the other special research quests took me a couple of weeks and I was fine with that. It was nice to switch it up and complete this research quest in a day, granted I wouldn’t mind if it had taken two.


For those not rushing, I really hope it remains available to finish after the event…


It started 10pm local time. Just caught about 5 Pokémon before getting in house. So to day wil be the test if I like it so far.


someone in my group had Spiritomb 3 hours after the event started…
This event always is nice, the lack of double candy candy for eggs and transferring is really meh though


come on like two weeks is enough


It’s always nice to see the Professor talk to trainers in a quest and have something to actually work for.

I do mine ASAP cause i want to be top 100 in the world. We all got different goals.