Thoughts on Fire and Ice event


So far I am loving this event I have caught 4 cyndaquil and 3 swinish in only an hour and a half. And I’m just wondering what are your thoughts so far.


Good so far. I played about 90 minutes also and caught 5 Cyndaquills, 6 Ponytas, 3 Swinubs, 3 Cloysters, 1 Charmander, and saw 1 Laparas on the radar, but since I was at work, I couldn’t leave to go get it. The XP bonuses are pretty nice too. I’m now less than 500000 points to level 36.


I can’t tell much cause I can’t leave my place until tomorrowmorning unfortunaltely so I am a bit frustrated. It’s 11 p.m over here. But I see many nice mons on my sightings/nearby. Among others I see Charmander and Cyndaquil and I like that!


12 Cyndaquils!! In 1 hour!! More to hunt down tomorrow!!


Update 8 cyndaquils 3 charmanders 2 vulpix 3 shelder 1 houndour now it gets interesting a 1638 flareon and 1258 lapras I’m loving this event.


Just got my ice GOLD medal.

Only Ghost and Dragon to go now.


So far it’s been awesome :clap: like when the Halloween one dropped​:fire::snowflake:️:heart:️


I will be heading back out after work to do some more hunting.


Happy to be seeing more Charmanders, and the XP gain is insane! And this time, the XP is like a feel-good insane, as mass evolving with Egg + double XP coated on everything is a tad boring.


Got a Lapras in the parking lot at work and a typlosion just down the block from the house! As soon as the hail and lightening stop I’ll be heading back out to try and get more!


The event has been great so far. I’ll really knock out a huge chunk of XP that I need to get to Level 36. I’ll also have my next to last non regional non Legendary Pokemon to complete my Pokedex. I’ve doubled the amount of Cyndiquil candy I had before the event started. Just Mareep left to evolve after this event ends. I have 62 of the required 124 for that one so I’m halfway there. I have 3 10km eggs sitting in my queue. I hope at least one is a Mareep.


Came across this Mon pulling into the park to play a soccer game tonight. Hit an excellent throw on him with an ultra ball first throw. Second throw he jumped and I missed. Third throw i made contact but didn’t get even a nice throw and he ran! Man was he a beast though! Until next time Typhlosion, until next time…


My Cyndiquil I’m planning to evolve should be that strong. But that is an awesome specimen that you encountered. Would have saved a lot of candy should you have caught him. So far I’ve only caught one Charmander during the event. I’ve seen a few others on the nearby screen. I’m hoping to get another Charizard but I’ll need to catch a lot more than one a day during this event to be able to do that.



I love it as I still need cyndaquil for candy for Dex and I really need my ice medal


Time for some thoughts here. I think the quality of this event has surprised us a bit. Its fire and Ice. Regardless of the region you live there’s at least one side of that for things you could chase. I’m from sunny Cali. Believe it or not I have 4 good typhlosions, 5 charizard (2 maxed), and everything else where I could never be wanting fire again, but I’m chasing every swinub that miraculously shows its head.

Others have a reverse story.

I like that they’ve upped shellder and seel drops as well, even though not technically ice they evolve into almost purists and needed to be included for equal spread.

Also. A common lazy, lure practice sometimes done in my area is at this spot where you can park along the street and hit for stops at once. By luring all 4 stops it creates an almost constant catch rate for the full half hour. Maybe fit a spam evolution into three of your ahead, but it keeps you busy.

I’m anxious to try doing that in this event with a lucky egg. No walking distractions, traffic, navigation, or anything. Just a sit down for comfort and full focus on clean catches.


Love it, I caught two lapras today, probably a dozen plus cyndaquil/swinub and I would have been happy with that, but on my way home from work I stopped to get a haircut and there was a friggin’ 1800+ charizard right there in the parking lot! First ever wild lapras and charizard in the same day!

I don’t see many fire or ice types, so it is nice catching different things. Vulpix and nine tails are two of the best designed Pokémon in any generation and ponyta and rapidash are nice too. Piloswine is another nice design. I finally have the candy to get one, but still no decent swinubs


I’m up to 98 Cyndiquil candies now. Only 26 to go!


Me too bro. Palming two strong IV ones like their might be a possibility I’d ever waste fifty candies on one. Good hauls though. Double candy pop lots. You and I need 100 candies over already getting a good piloswine, for gen 4 evolution, then enough to max.

Others are laughing, like “Really?”

Screw you! I’ve transferred Charizards! #bitter


Went back out tonight. Caught my first event Lapras. He was weak, so I transferred him to power up my strongest Lapras. Got another Charmander and couple more Cyndiquils. I’m at 106 candies now. I have also caught enough Growlithes to evolve 2 more Arcanines during this event.