This event needs fixing!


At the same time they didn’t HAVE to raise its STAMINA to 18000 from 12500


All the surrounding towns have them, but I’m not going to drive there on my day off work and do a raid just to get a chance to maybe get an invite for another raid that I might not be able to go to. I was fine waiting for Mewtwo, now I have 3.


Gonzales texas


Better than 0 in a 10 m radius :wink:


That sucks


I cant just go and travel 15km


Ah, fair enough


But it gives 5 candies now, and still pretty easy to catch so not that bad really


I cant even do one and catch rate is super low


3/3 using pinaps, 2/3 were boosted, I honestly cannot relate to super low catch rate dude, regis were worse


Catchrate is the same as for every legendary now, so not that low especially given how easy it is to nail Excellents on him


MewTwo in Ex Raids yes. MewTwo now in Raids I highly doubt it.
I’ve been pushing it fine with 6 against Focus Blast. 3 of those same accounts have done a 3 man Ex MewTwo with Focus Blast. There is now way they would get close on their own now.


I dont make stuff up. I either check the proof, or check the calculations.


This mewtwo has 1.5 HP of the EX one
EX Mewtwo (tier 5) can be taken down in 2 people
How much is 2*1.5?


You are correct but then again not everybody is packing full teams of maxed out gengars and Im not even talking shadow claw ones. 3 for EX M2 is pretty comfortable, so 4 for regular one, 5 if you rather be safe than sorry




Yes you are right


Im in 8th grade i know what 2 * 1.5 is…
But most of my raiding people dont even have gengar, let apart Mewtwo


Doesnt change the fact that a trio is possible


Not for me