This event needs fixing!


The Mewtwo raids are bad!
Every rural wad happy they finally had a chance to get it, and then they made it harder!
And lowered its catchrate!
That needs to change


You mean nerfed, right? :face_with_monocle:


Buffed in raid
Its 60k cp


Ohh, that way…


Changed to made harder


that’s exactly why I’m not hyped. You know, it’s Niantic…


Yeah i cant do it now
How many people donyou actually need?


I need zero people to get nothing😛


I can only get 6 people to battle and 1 is a noob


Then go to a city and do a raid there, get in touch with local people so that they inform you of raids more than an hour ahead


6 people can take down Mewtwo


3 People can take down Mewtwo


3 Level 40s with perfect counters, sure. But for the average player, 6 is safe.


We did it with 4


It would still be better if rurals with few gyms and players weren’t unable to do it twice. The first time there was no ex eligible gym and the second time it was too difficult. That would be painful.


There are no ex gyms in our town


Where do u live if you don’t mind me asking


I don’t have any EX-Raid gyms in my town either.


I have one :expressionless:


They had to make it harder, before MEW2 was given because you got a pass that you did from raiding, now it actually makes sense, since b4 less people got ex passes. Its in raids now, so more eople should have the chance to do it.