The way you're treated in the game


Don’t worry man you’ll find a team to help you it took me a long time to find a group I raid with now


When they see me in a gym, they know it war if they start anything.

Treat me like Beerus the destroyer.


He’ll yea bro


It’s 6am here haveing my coffee then heading out to take the town


I’ll take a few gyms after dropping kids off at school but I already have my coins for today.


There’s two gyms in town that I don’t have gold badge for yet so that’s what I’m going to do today


I’m working on 4 right now that I’m not Gold yet at.


Got 1 sofar


I’m still pretty far away from Gold on any of the four. Got knocked out of one but still in other 3.


I’ve been going back and forth all day long with this yellow team guy every time I take a gym I hold it for about 15 minutes and he takes it did I come back and take it back from him


Sounds like a whole lot of non productiveness and a big waste of time.


Yea but I had nothing to do today so a fun way to kill time lol and wast gas


What type of community is that?


At least a annoying 1 i think :rofl::rofl:


How do people keep finding these 5+ month old topics?


Scrolling. :yum:


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