The upcoming quest system



Once again, we should thank for Niantic of listening to the community. Congratulations to who suggested the quest system and what are your thought about the upcoming quest system? You may leave your comments here.


I am so happy. This is the second feature that has come to pokemon go, after raids. We have waited for a new feature for about a year, and here it is! By the way I enjoyed your Yoshi and Din ideas.


Personally I am excited for this as I’d like some new challenges that will help me build XP further.
There will be pros & cons to this obviously but another layer of depth to the game is always welcome!
What about this excites you the most @Yoshi?


I agree.


They could also potentially release the mythicals as story quests. They could do a lot with this.




Hopefully team rocket will get implemented in quests


Cant wait to sweep some Rattatas I guess


Whenever it comes to a completely new system, I can’t hold the pleasure splashing out of my heart. You know, quests are fitting all the essences of becoming the best system ever in Pokemon GO. What’s more is that I have an idea for quest system.

First of all, quests should be divided into 3 categories (story mode, events and challenges) Completion of each categories will be rewarded for Shiny Pokemon variants, items like additional pokeballs and discount of purchasing item packs etc.

More detailed ideas will be posted when further official announcement is available.


PLEASE Niantic make it like i asked…


I’m really excited for this but i really hope the rewards aren’t like catch 30 pokemon for 10 pokeballs. Hopefully it gives us the chance to catch legendary or mythical pokemon.


Mythicals? Maybe thats a bit too much, minor legendaries would make more sense (and Im not really looking forward to the golems in raids, maybe they could be challenge-only, given the method you use to obtain them in the main games?


I think completing a quest for a Mythical is more rewarding than either a) Hacking or b)Mystery Gift(limited time) Like in the main series games.


Major legendaries including mewtwo hopefully because us people in the rural areas can’t get them otherwise


hoping it unlocks encounters with mythical pokemon.


and zubats lol


I am psyched for this. My work hours don’t allow me to do raids on work days. So if I can do quests on my time, it will be great.