The Research Tasks for Water Event


I have so far seen
Hatch egg = Shellder
Evolve water type = seel
Power up 3 pokemon = staryu


Nice throw = slowpoke


Evolve Water type = Seel. It was in the game before the event began. Same with the Slowpoke quest.


Excellent curve throw = Absol.

Good catch if you dont want to raid Absol which is tier 4.


Actually, it’s more ‘aren’t able to’.

But that quest’s not a water typed quest…


Use 3 berries to help catch Pokemon = Wailmer


Catch 2 water types = Magikarp


Evolve a water type = seel


We already knew; I already said that, and @Mapman42 has also updated his post.


Sorry didn’t read


Catch 5 magikarp or wailmer= Luvdisc
Evolve 2 shellder= Lapras


I got the evolve 2 shellder. Anyway trading coming at the end of this event


I’ve done a heap of the evolve Shellder and go actively looking for the stops binning others so I can stack them and get either 2 or 3 Lapras from the 2 evolves. I’ve still got 2000 Candy to burn.
A perfect Lapras is 1115. So far I’ve seen a 1105 and a 1106. A couple of friends have already caught a 100% from the quest and they’ve done a fraction of what I have :tired_face: There’s going to be a lot of Lapras dumped in Gyms once I do eventually catch them all.

I’m stacking all my quests intending to catch later whenever the next multiplier Dust event is under Star Piece.


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