The Quest for Mew


Part 1/8:
Catch 10 Pokémon
Spin 5 Pokéstops
Transfer 5 Pokémon

Part 2/8:
Gain 2 Buddy Candies
Hatch 3 Eggs
Get 10 ‘Great’ throws

Part 3/8:
Reach Level 15
Fight two times in a gym
Fight two Raids

Unfortunately, I forgot to memorize the rewards :sweat_smile:


Someone in my local group got two stamps for today somehow, and he doesn’t know how, does anyone know something about this?



I seen Mew turn into Ditto. nothing is safe.


Has anyone actually caught shiny mew? I had this idea that if mew wasn’t shiny to close the app on the catch screen and reload it over and over again till a shiny popped. But I’m on 6/8 so I haven’t been able to try it yet


I’m not going to try that. Maybe you can’t get Mew again.


Got it! (Not shiny). He’s awesome, though! He can learn so many moves!


Two people on my local Discord have caught Mew already. I’m still waiting for my Beldum to get his 2nd candy and I will have completed the 2nd part. Once he gets that candy, then I have to switch my buddy to Magikarp, I guess. My daughter has completed everything on step 2 except her egg hatching. So both of us should move on to step 3 tomorrow. My son has already completed step 2 and is on step 3. He has already started Magicarp as his buddy because he doesn’t have Gyrados yet.


I used Aron to get 5 candy, because you have to walk 1KM. Now I’m going to think of it, Magikarp was way much better😅


I’m super excited about the chance to encounter Mew, but I’m happy enough that Moltres is the encounter on the 7th stamp on field research!! I was expecting it to flee, but I caught it after the 2nd ball - so happy!! :tada:


You caught Moltres? congrats


Me and the kids are all on stage 3 of the Mew hunt. My son and I have to do 1 raid and my daughter has to do 2 to move on to stage 4. We have all got Magikarp as our buddy but we still have a long way to go. I guess that will give us plenty of time to catch 10 ghosts and 5 Dittos. My son and I have all our stamps to finish field research tomorrow so looking forward for first Moltres encounter. My daughter has to wait one more day since she didn’t get her first stamp until the 31rst.


I’ve collected 5 Stamps, today gonna get my 6th. I’m on Stage 4 for Mew


I’m on 5 stamps and hopefully get my 6th today :+1:


Just got my 6th stamp


My son and I caught Moltres this morning. First one for both of us because we didn’t do any Legendary Raids until Groudon. I got the last stamp for my daughter also but going to wait until midnight to claim reward so hopefully she can try to catch Moltres as well. We are still on stage 3 for Mew because we didn’t do any raids today.


At least it’s better than a 67 IV one


Me and kids are all over hump (200+) candies for Magikarp. With event going on, I think we will hit 400 before we get 10 raids!


I’ve been stuck on finding a Ditto for days, it’s starting to get frustrating… taking extensive walks in the parks and streets. Well, I’m hatching plenty of eggs that way, even on just one incubator.

But is there a way to know where to find a Ditto?


Unfortunately not, have to just catch all those Pidgeys and Rattatas. If there is an active Discord group for your area that’s usually a good way to find them, ask people to post their Ditto findings.