The Quest for Mew [Megathread]


Once the new Quest system goes live on Friday, there will be a worldwide race to complete the quest chain and encounter Mew. This is an open call for everyone to report new Quest stages, stage requirements and their progress.

We (think) that there will be 8 big stages and that the Quest chain is called “A mythical discovery”, but we don’t know much about the stages yet.

Please report stages (and anything else of worth) here!


It should start on the 30th of March, at around 7-9pm UTC.


It looks like Mew will be a wild encounter, not a raid or premier balls which is good (no need for a group) and bad (it may be able to flee after only 1 or 2 balls)


I just wanted to post that too😅


It also appears based on the screenshot of the Mythical quest that the first few stages are very simple, so most likely meaning the final stages will require a lot of time and effort, EG: “throw 10 excellent throws in a row”, etc: things that anyone can do, just with some skill.


Have just seen it


So you can only obtain Mew with Special Researches?

Maybe this is helpful


Nice find, still nothing on Android though


So, this event is a 3 hour one?


No, Mew has no end date. Seems it will be available until another Mythical replaces Mew. You must collect 7 stamps that alone is 7 days.


Okay thank you for clarifying that for me.


Sense no one else has posted this on here, I’ll go ahead and share it



It was posted. Actually by the creator of Go hub. Just a different topic in a different section.


Quests badge


i am ready no BOB!


Here it is


Just collected my first rewards.


I also expected that if you use the Pokémon Catch Animation Skip Trick, you can see at the Quests if you caught it or not.


Second thing I noticed:
You can’t get Mew out of the Day 7 Breakthroughs Box,

because you need to accomplish Field Researches and according to App Store

you need to do Special Researches to get Mew.

Don’t know if you already know this, but if not, now.