The greatest meme





This is so sad …
Heart if you agree.




That’s why I fear getting old


I don’t see how it’s possible to lose interest in that


Don’t jinx me man


It’s all good. You won’t really care then.


Noooo don’t say that that would mean we would just be roommates since we don’t have kids


Lol I hope you’re wrong about all this


Apparently lol I hope I’m the exception to this I know a driver that comes to my job who’s 65 years old and still has multiple women I hope to be like him


I’m going to get back to you in 10 years and we’ll see what happens hope to God I’ll still be going strong


My daughter from first marriage is staying all week because she is on Spring Break.


? Whats that


What is stock


I followed along until that post…


yeah and I dont wanna search up something weird lol


I don’t know what it is either I assume you means I chicken or beef stock


I haven’t the foggiest what you’re talking about there, either. Using stock to go to bed?

But asking for clarification might risk opening up a conversation not suitable for all audiences.


I followed the not bothering with special cuddles any more but got completely lost at the stock reference as well.