The Celebi Quest(Official Megathread)



I think he did, also, he was using bulba to battle then transfer when dead.


Because I didn’t need a pillowswine. Just needed the raid requirement.


its to be evolved into espeon / umbreon since most people wouldnt wanna waste the Eevee from their Cday


Saying Ditto can take days seems like saying you can do it in days. But it can also take weeks before you just happen to run into one.

(For the mew quest I remember a period of about ten days where I caught at least a Ditto or two almost every hour of play… until I drew the task to catch one, after which it was over a week before I saw the next one. For the field task to catch a Bellsprout the experience was similar – too many encountered before task, then suddenly none to be found for several days.)


i got ditto same day the task came up, it took some people forever it took me legit seconds


I got Ditto same day Quest came up also. Right now, I’m only 4 of 9 on hatching eggs.


Im stuck on evolve evolved grass type


7 of 9 eggs now! My son is stuck on same task. I’ll probably have to take his phone to work with me so we can walk Eevees.


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Nope. He wants to keep his phone tomorrow.


Hatch 9 eggs isnt hardest task
Evolve evolved grass type is


With all these Hoppips appearing at the moment? I doubt so… and the next CD is a Grass Pokémon.


I have had a lot op luck with a constant supply of Hoppip since I started.


Didnt see 1 Hoppip
And they are normally very common 4 me


So it is easy. I just evolved this 10 cp skiploom that floated torwards my pokeball :sweat_smile:


Use pineaps when catching grass types, it should be easy then. I have 181 sunkern candy right now and already evolved one. I live in a small village in the Netherlands.


Doesn’t work with Sunkern as Sunkern is no evolved grass type. But Pinapping a Hoppip for example will work.


Reports on my local Discord of some peoples spin stops quests being reset back to 1.
These were from people jumping Time Zones to do multiples in one day.
Can’t say I’m not having a good old chuckle.


Oh really? :face_with_monocle:


I got like 2.2 km left to evolve Umbreon. Not sure I’m going to be able to finish before sunrise, so I’ll probably have to wait until tomorrow night to evolve him.