The Celebi Quest(Official Megathread)



Thanks for telling me!!:smiley:


Coooooool 4 you
I should have a kids account xD


:expressionless: Do you really want no friends feature :angry:


eh, king?


It was just battle in a raid. It counted as I entered the lobby. I just threw in some Pokemon I was going to transfer and battled it out anyway. Now I have to wait until after midnight and catch a Pokemon so I can move on to Stage 3.


I had the same. Auto completed :grinning:


Today I opened my special quest and it says:

Make 3 new friends.

But my friends list is full, isn’t it stupid that I have to delete friends in order to get this quest???


Delete people where you have the lowest friendship level with.


Lowest friend was 2 full orange circles, isn’t it stupid you have to delete them in order to get the quest ???


That’s why I only have 12 friends, I think…




My friend list was full also. But this have me an excuse to delete some non gift givers and put in people on my Discord I over looked.


What was that all about?


Just caught unough sunkurns to not draw attention to ourself on 64. We would love to help on return voyage. As long as return isn’t near DC


:joy: Cool, any shinies yet?


Does anyone know whats the Encounter Reward from 3/8 in Celebi Quest??




R.i.p it actually sucks as encounter imo


I’m one egg hatched with 8 more to go.


Piloswine IS soloable…why didn’t you try?