The Celebi Quest(Official Megathread)



:joy::grin: At least it is a new dex for you.


Anyone on stage 2 yet?


i am


It’s 23:36 for me at the moment. Just noticed it came out. Not ideal time to be doing quests. Tomorrow is the day I start properly.


Niantic is extremely dumb for starting it at the time they did.

Should of been Noon est or 11


What Quest?


One task is “Make 3 new friends”, but child PTC accounts do not have the social features of the game, among many other limitations. Does this mean a child account will not get a Celebi?


I imagine that LL be an alternative, I LL check on daughters phone as she has niantic kids. But can’t see why niantic can’t just do what they do by linking two general accounts instead of the hoo har that they do with child’s a counts and then link to an adult account. It’s strange to have it and makes life a lot harder for linked accounts!!


I have that too,sadly.Maybe they made it like you could claim it directly?


It only says battle on the raid :wink::wink: if it’s win then no celebi unless I go into office which isn’t possible for few weeks!!


Its the Second part of it


Hopefully we get a clearer picture for this in the coming days. There was news on the hub about the “Niantic Kids”, could this be the solution to it?


Yes it could be a solution.


Well no celebi for me :tired_face::tired_face: I missed a low level raid it would have started about 4am!! And that was an eggecuter, at cp5012. Which could be do able, young one is at mother’s today so can pummel it out !!


plenty of grass types and all up at the church. Which is help the aged day and nagged to inch of ur life to become follower. Rather put the distance in!! Not my soul lol


Just reached stage 2 of Celebi quest on a child account and the tasks to add friends is autimatically completed.


The 3 day daily


Now im on page 3, RIP to my coins.


All i got are 5Km + eggs LOOOOL i done trolled myself.



Guys for the part where we will need to add friends make sure you put your code in the chat conversation.