The Celebi Quest(Official Megathread)



See youve joined the Shuffle Profile Pic Army


How to get that type of profile picture


Search “Pokémon Shuffle” (replace Pokémon with whatever you want, so lets say Zapdos Shuffle)
Pokémon Shuffle is a Pokémon game for 3DS and phones thats similar to facebook games like Candy Crush Saga and uses these images for Pokémon Zapdos


Spinda taking hours? I still haven’t found the Spinda quest anywhere here and it’s been weeks…:tired_face:


Yooo its four of us now




Anywayz now back on topic please


I guess I join the club


Spinda can take forever. I have two didnt even notice when i spun for 2nd one.


Are you deleting all of the ones that arent it until you find it?


Thats awesome :star_struck: and @Kevin_v_Hoften!


When I’m walking, yes. Can’t do that of course, when I’m driving.

-> now back to topic:
OK, I’ll be working the day Celebi research comes out, but let’s see what I can achieve that day. I won’t be dawdling, but not rushing either. The longer it takes, the shorter the waiting time for the next special research :wink::laughing:


I just played… And got there eventually :grin:. I only waited for a little over a month after beating mew which is nice :laughing:.


Will be busy the day it comes out and Im working the two days after till 9PM
Probably wont be the first of my group to get it, unlike Mew


All good, the longer you don’t get it Tue less you will wait for the next😁


Ať what hour it should be started? If it will be tomorrow 20.8.


1 pm PDT on Monday :+1:


Thats what I did…took me almost 200 different stops to do it…eventually got it…and then the same stop had it again the next day too


Lol the first day I played in August I was at a place with 40 stops, and one if them gave me it. I am fine with one spinda for each form :+1:


Too bad they are only giving out form 8