The Celebi Quest(Official Megathread)



Happily surprised when I saw my celebi catch yesterday




Power up?


Would this specific one be the rarest mon of all?


I would assume so…

YES :nerd_face:




Cool. My son is still walking Eevee for his Umbreon


with the help of @brobraam the trading research task was completed yesterday. Now the hard task of 7 days in a row paying a visit to a Pokéstop.:rofl:


I will have to take my son’s phone with me to work in order for him to complete that one.


My son completed the Umbreon task finally, so tonight, I’ll spin a gym for him to knock out first day. Tomorrow on the way to school, he can spin for Day 2. Then starting Sunday, I’ll have to bring his phone with me to work to finish the task.


Is that an app you are using or a website calculator Dragonheart ?


It’s Calcy IV, an app which only takes a screenshot to do the calculations.


Aha, THANKS !!!

(level 39 and still doing appraise…)


Oh, I as well, and it’s included in Calcy IV to precise the results.
First they show you the overall posibilities as a range of IV, and if you think it’s a valuable monster, you add the results of the appraise, so the range is narrowed, in the best case to stable unique result.


Too bad it has an ass moveset


That’s why there are TM’s…


So no one has gotten Celebi recently


My son got it the other day.


What day