The Celebi Quest(Official Megathread)



Maybe for you, but not me. Il probably get my 10 year old to try it for me when he’s around. He seems to catch Legendaries twice as much when we do raids also.


I tend to get excellent curveballs when I don’t pay attention to throwing… As soon as I try to enforce a great or excellent I miss every toss… I get 2 to 3 excellents a day (more, when Wailmer or Nosepass are around or when doing legendary raids), but I never really care about it.

And all those grass and psychic Pokémon seem to hide… I need only one more to finish the quest… :roll_eyes:


Yes, every throw I did yesterday was trying to get excellent curve. Same this morning. So I’m done with 40 catches. I just can’t get Excellent Curve. I get that all the time on Legendary Raids without trying. So I hope I get one there.


Good luck!

I just ran into a Natu on my lunch break, so I’m finished now :grinning:

Unfortunatly it’s not a good IV, Calcy says 71-80%, don’t even want to power up to find out the exact IV… :tired_face:


:disappointed:every Natu I try to catch keeps being Nice or Great throw.:frowning:


Yea so after going all that trouble and creating another acc just to trade for the quest, I got a Celebi, but it is so bad :frowning: only 71% IV. I am not sure if I want to power that up.


Uhm ptc under age of 13 can auto claim it…


My son and I plan on trading our Mews once we become best friends to increase IVs.


Maybe they will become lucky

Luckies are even better now.


My son ended up doing Excellent Curve and then caught it in AR. I will have to walk his Eevees and do the 7 day consecutive spins, but I guess it all equals out.


Oh, he did the excellent for you??


Yes, he did. But I owe him 20 km of Eevee walking and a week of spinning stops, so it was worth it.


I saw you got a 85 % Celebi, was your son’s better?

I heard from you that your daughter plays…


My son is still trying to hatch 9 eggs. My daughter hasn’t played since they stopped letting us play multiple accounts on same device. Got Mew for her before that happened luckily. She won’t be able to play until she gets her own device. So I will still need to take my son’s phone to work next week so he gets both Eevees and spins 7 stops each day.


Huh, I thought that we cannot trade mythicals. Is it possible now?


If I’m right it isn’t…


You might be able to at Best Friend Level but I’m not sure.


You would think that the game would want you to be able to have a Lucky Mythical, right?


At least the Pokédex says you can have a Lucky Mew😂.


Then as soon as we become best friends, we will try. Only like 38 days from now.