The Celebi Quest(Official Megathread)



You can post the general area in “Players In My Area” topic to see if anyone lives nearby :grin:


Got mine this morning :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


@Punica Is almost done with the Celebi Quest.Congrats to you for being so far, @Punica!:wink:


And he didnt cheat,and he is super good in Pokémon GO.


Walking isn’t going to work out to day. Damn rain. Hope I can trade with someone soon. Can’t wait to get Celebi…


You are, also :wink:. You guys still play together?


And it will… closest to me is over 80 miles.


Got Umbreon tonight. Then first spin for 7 day streak.


Wow, good luck.




I live in a smaller village in netherlands
And evolving sunkern doesnt count


I’m currently at 6/8, i.e. I’ve spun a Pokéstop 3 days in a row now and counting…
I was wondering about stage 8. The GoHub article says it’s three tasks but they are autocompleted… Are there any real task behind that or this just fake to give a bit more XP?


just fake, 8/8 is catch Celebi.


Not looking forward to having to throw another excellent curve. My son will probably have to do it for me. That’s okay because I’ll probably have to do his 7 day Pokestop streak for him. Which benefits both of us so he gets a bunch of gyms each day.


Just have to catch another 28 Grass or Psychic type and then I’m done if stage 8 auto completes like it has for most. I haven’t caught one of those type in the last 3hrs in my office. Geos, Snakes and Snubbull is all I’m getting.


3 out of 7 days done.


Nice!I got 5/7 spinned.:grin:


Who agrees with me that the Silver Pinaps are better than the Celebi?


I don’t even know exactly what silver Pinaps do yet.


It’s a Pinap/Razz all rolled into one.
Increase Candy and increase % of capture chance according to its description when in your bag.

I’ve already called them hairy pineapples