The Celebi Quest(Official Megathread)



Share how your Mythical Discovery is going!
AN NOTE:Im making this before it has started.Good luck Trainers!


Mythical descoverey is name of mew quest


Well my mythical discovery is going great. The mythical thing I’m trying to discover is Pokemon go HUB posting about celebi’s release!:joy::joy::joy::joy::grin:


Pretty sure it will be released tommorow as updates are usually announced on monday​:crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:


Expected July 27, updated are usually thursday.


I hope they switch the unown part to something else…some people would probably spend years looking for unown outside of events( I was lucky enough to get one on a cd…right in the middle of 8 lured pokestops


Lucky Luke…


Well, considering no-one other than the Gofest guys have one pretty well. Also @Thorend is your Celebi any good?


Wait does @Thorend have Celebi?!:open_mouth:


The Celebi Quest is ready to get released.Probably tonight or 27 July.


Somebody on my friend list does.




Yep, it was the 70000th Pokémon i captured :smiley:



  • Im very hyped for Celebi
  • Im not that hyped.
  • Im not hyped.

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Im so hyped for Celebi Quest!


Celebi is so cute!:heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


I’m more excited for jirachi. DOOM awaits when you catch one that DESIRES. (Doom desire…)


Just a trophy. Can’t use to defend. Probably gonna be weak just like Mew. Not excited but will catch 1st or 2nd day


What I always say:
Celebi is just 1 Pokémon. Gen 4 contains a lot of Pokémons. I rather see gen 4 as the Ultra Bonus and not Celebi. But Celebi worldwide Ultra Bonus is always better than Mewtwo day.

I personally wanted to vote for ‘I’m hyped’, but that option doesn’t exist, so I voted for ‘I’m not that hyped.’ Above tells why. But sure I’ll catch it as fast as I can.

EDIT: I don’t even think Celebi will be the Ultra Bonus because that would be unfair for GoFesters.