The best rare spawn point


There is this place near my home which has this one rare spawns point that is very odd. It keeps spawning very rare spawns. I bring this up because today I saw an insane moment where there was a blissey and a Tyranitar there. Unfortunately as I was busy I couldn’t go get them, but pretty insane the same time. There was one time, when a togetic, octillery and a Tyranitar were all there at the same time. What makes this place even more insane is that I live on the opposite side of the town to it. Today I was in A park only just in range of the pokestop there. I am barely ever there but whenever I am there there is easy often rare spawns. Does anyone have a similar experience, or is this something quite unusual?


Seems like you’re quite lucky with that spawn point! Nothing like that where I live, but I do have 3 spawn points in the driveway so i catch while I’m at home.
Best spawn I’ve had here is a Lapras (bad IVs) but a Lapras nonetheless!


In the last christmas event i’ve seen around 5-6 lapras in the wild.


There is place like that here in Indonesia. But it’s 3-4 hours drive from the city and not that spectacular like blissey and tyranitar at once.


Okay where exactly? Cause I think that’s the new Santa Monica pier