The best quest?


It isnt but as a quest reward for a that hard quest
It was like mew worth difficulty


Lapras is nice, I have not transfered or traded any of them in my inventory.


Lapras is actually quite cool


I actually still powered up one of my Lapras even after it got nerfed.


400 people ran with me on the Santa Monica Pier. I wasn’t fast enough… I call it “The Quest For Lapras” it is the best quest.


Please explain Lapras to me and the hype - neither of mine have good stats… what do I do with them?


They used to be the strongest in the game… but for now? Don’t use.


Lapras used to be one of the best Gym defenders. Some adjustments were made and turned a great Pokemon into just another collection item like the masses.
Put those ones on Gym Duty and send them to the Professor to make Pokemon Smoothies when they return.


I used Lapras against Dratini raid last month, it worked very effectively.


It also was good for attacking with a 230 attack.