The best quest?


Win a level 3 or higher raid for Dratini is the best atm. Already done 2 of them and have 2 more stacked for a Raid on the way home from work.
I’m also partial to the Nice throw for a Gastly atm as I really want a 100% Gengar or more than 1 if I can get them.


Had the same quest and soloed a aereodactyl to get it. Dratini is ironically better than eaereodactyl which puts quests over raids


The quest “Make 5 curveball throws” is sooooo hard! I mean, Niantic doesn’t even expect us to make a nice throw anymore😂


Make 5 curveball throw is easy for me


For me, “Make 5 curveball throws” is not too difficult. But I like the quest to win 3 raids and get a TM, or make 3 curve great or nice (I forget which) in a row and get a rare candy


@Lingyujie and @Mew1 I was joking. I’m just saying that Niantic removed make 5 great curveball throws for this.


Probably great, rare candies should stay rare.


Remove for what?


I only saw such quest once or twice


They removed the quest from the game and replaced it with a easier one.




Really, they removed? Are you serious? I think I get it recently? :wink:


I don’t think they removed it, just made it rarer.


The curveball ones aren’t bad. It’s the ones where you have to throw them in a row can be difficult.


Yes, so that is why you need to more selective about which Pokémons to throw balls at them in a row


Win a level 3 or higher gives you dratini


I don’t see this quest that gives a dratini but only give a max revive. Wish you could have this quest and the one to catch a dragon type and give several rare candies. Two rare quests completed:grinning:


It’s my favorite, and it’s a challenge as I solo raids to do it.


Lapras isn’t stupid. (At least IMO)


:japanese_ogre::japanese_goblin::smiling_imp: Lapras is the best pokemon.