The best quest?


I would have probably deleted that, dragon types are so scarce that the one freed space would probably be more valuable than the rare candies


Well, I guess I had it 1-2 days before the release of Alola Exeggutor… :sweat_smile:


I forgot about alolan exeggutor, that would be so bad


Got that a Long time ago


So got it and was done in ten minilets on latias


Another good quest is the get 3 great throws.
It’s good becaude you can be more or less sure you will get a badge for the day


This was best quest…


I just got a Lapras for doing the 2 Shelldor evolutions.


Im doing all that work for a stupid lapras


Yeah me too.


Lapras is cool. Not really much work here since Shellder is everywhere. But that all ends today. I have almost 800 Wailmer candies because I’m holding out for Shiny.


got this quest just now


This one’s a nice one. Just got my Lapras, but only it’s IV was a shame.


I got catch a ditto for 3 rare candy a few weeks ago


Not the next 7 day quest.


It would be for example get a nice throw for a ditto.


If you got Ditto as a reward, what form would it start as? Itself?


I don’t know. Hopefully - it would be a pain to have pidgey as a quest reward.


A few times I got Ditto I was pissed because I actually wanted what I was trying to catch.


Same that is easy and best reward