The best quest?


What is the best quest you’ve seen.
This one is mine (and that is a charged tm)


I had it too but I put it away because I want shiny Aerodactyl.


Rare candy quests are best


I had that supercharged attack one too but it was for 7 gyms


Agree with you 100%. No raiding required and guaranteed. Fortunately for me, i had a bunch of 2K eggs. Today, i completed my 1000th quest! Glad to be done with it. Will focus on the rare candy quest until event ends. Great way to stockpile.


I’ve gotten Mew and 8 Legendary Birds so far, but only done 116 Research Tasks.


Wow ive only done 108


Quests that give rare candies or Dratini are by far the best


The charged TM one is by far the one I seek the most. The rare candy is just as good plus the dratini one.


If you can stack the “evolve omanyte or kabuto” quest
3 times you can ecounter Aerodactyl. Great way to get shiny


That will cost hundreds of PokeStops to spin. I trked like crazy yesterday, 50+ PokéStops, and not even 1 “Evolve an Omanyte or Kabuto”

Today I found out you can get it only one time from a stop also. Wasted my time on a Stop because I thought you can get them everytime you spin the stop, like with the other Quests, but no.

Haven’t got the “Spin 6 PokéStop you haven’t visited before” at all, must be even more uncommon.


I have people in my community using this trick like crazy. Use discord to communicate which stops have it. Actually learned from a YouTuber



Apologies about your luck though. Don’t stop trying :smile:


I’ve gotten the evolve Omanite or Kabuto quest the last 2 days in a row.


Catch Dragon type to get a Dratini or 3 Excellents in a row for a Larvitar easily the best.


The best quest Is the one where you get a mew after it’s done


I think this is amazing personally. As someone who doesn’t see many raids, this is great.


Nah, personally I want to get the Quests that deliver shinies or Larvitar/Dratini/Absol.


They’re good as well but this gives me a power up of a legendary which for me are in limited supply.


Very recently I had a quest ‘Cath a Dragon type Pokémon’ with insane Rare Candy amount. I believe it was 7 or something. I’ve also put it away for the Aerodactyl.