That Feeling When a Pókemon Flees


So frustrating, im new at the game and when i get a 1000cp or more pokemon and fail to catch it even if i get the target with a great ball and it flees, yes mad.


There’s nothing worse than when a weedle or pidgey runs, though! :unamused:


It can become way worse, my first “Tyranitar”(EXTREME RARE) fled, and he was cp 2300


Razz berry it or golden


I don’t care…My pokedex Completed and All i need is Gen 2 celebi and smeargle, Gen3 Unreleased special evolutions and Regiforms ,Deoxy, jirachi :unamused:


It was almost a year ago


That feeling when you get your first EX Raid pass and fail to catch the Mewtwo…


“darn it”


How about getting your first EX pass on a date you can’t go for it?


Nothing like feeling of despair when your very first MewTwo dusts you off.
Yes I’ve been there, much worse that the 3 100% Legenday Dust Offs I’ve had


I’m in a similar boat, my only 100% legendary (suicune) ran from me, I’m also 1/4 on 98% legendaries only catching Lugia