Thanks Niantic


I’m starting to get used to it. We are having login issues on Android/iOs with all possible login methods:Google, Facebook AND trainer club. This is like the 5th day. I mean if I restart my phone and clear the memory and try like 5-10 times it lets me in the game but is this how we’re supposed to play the game ??? Smfh.


This happens to me about every two weeks I hate it other names I tried everything you said even emailed Niantic they said to uninstall reinstall and clear data and case and that would solve the problem buls**t


Internet helps a lot. What also helps is being connected to the cellular network of your provider

know we are not niantic


go troll somewhere else.


Try closing the app, turn your phone off, turn it on again and try opening Pokémon go again. Maybe that works


This was a serious answer, in the top of your screen i could see that your connection wasnt strong


We as in, the players in your village aswell or people in your household?
If its all players in the area, over all possible login methods i would look at your internet connection before Niantic.
Where do you live (approximately, region or country, not your exact house location)
Does it only happen when you are on Wifi? Is that a hotspot you are on or is it in your own house?


I was on WI-FI, check the picture. And we have fast 4G network, it’s not the Internet. It’s the game servers. That’s why people have connection issues at Community Day aswell.


Since you guys are so quick to defend Niantic, I’m curious what you got to say about this. This happened yesterday. We got kicked out of the lobby 5 times in a row while trying to perform the ‘‘empty team’’ trick to gain 300 seconds on the raid. HHHHBBNN


Had that happen to


Learn to do the trick properly then, you need to wait until the message disappears before you can try to battle
(and I dont think its their fault if a trick made to bypass their fault fails to work)


I think you need to change your tune a bit.
This is a forum of players, not Niantic itself. Any help we offer is voluntarily.

The questions we ask you are to narrow down your problems. Its easier for everyone if you answer them accurately.
YES people had issues during Community Day. If you have that issue for 5 days already, its probably not that.
If its your home WIFI it might be an issue with ports not being open in your router. MIGHT, cause im not sure how that works over WIFI. Thats just something that comes to my mind when you cant join via a home WIFI.

And regarding the “This raid is no longer available. (42)” error, you are simply trying to do it to fast. Wait a few seconds longer.


I’ve dealt with all types of common errors and having to restart game numerous times each day. But I don’t feel the need to complain here, because we all have to deal with it.


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