Thank you event


People can say this event is bad all they want. But on egg #32 i got my tauros.Screenshot_20180917-154716


I was waiting for a Tauros and a Kangaskhan… and after 10 eggs both have appeared, aprat of two Tangela and a Farfetch’d. I’m really glad with the result.


I have only had Alolan forms from eggs, even new ones. They should increase the rarity to maybe 20% of eggs are regional


Egg number 32???

I havent hatched ONE yet.


I hatched my first regional on my 8th egg, but it was a Tauros.


Im still busy with my first egg…


Just hatched yesterday from 7KM eggs both Taurus and Mr. Mime. from gift from international pogo friends. Just hatched them all at once with a bunch of incubators in just one swoop, 2 meowth, a vulpix, a sandshrew and the taurus and mr. mime.

Just don’t know if hatching them all at once have something to do with the appearance of those uniques.


Same here, but I live in the uk!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::grin:


I had this as well. Egg 33 was a kangaskhan.


2 more eggs hatched this morning. Alolan Meowth and Sandshrew. I’m 1-11 on hatching regionals now.


How do you walk so much, do you eat anymore??


perhaps Eat and Run? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Lol its like the raiders who battle and go


This event is sick though, the spawns are awesome, and the egg hatches are good too. Hope they decide to make it permanent but a lower hatch rate.