[Team] Team Instinct here ⚡


I gotta ask…why is miltank your buddy?


Maybe because he’s funny? There’s not allways a necesity…


Belgium Checking in!


I am Here, buddies; Guess my level:


23, 24 maybe? I’ll say 23 And a 1/2


This makes me sad… I’m level 28



Pro-tip from an amateur: Just before I take down gyms I put on this on the loudspeakers as a sort of Ride of the Valkyries for Team Instinct. Let’s them know the storm is here and my pokemon love singing along to the “Na na na na na” bit.


Level 33 Team Instinct here :grinning:


I’m team Instinct here from Portland Oregon, wondering why we don’t get many of the new creature. Hope everyone is enjoying their day.


Team Instinct Go
Spawning started last night in NYC, got 5 new pokemon since then!!


Czeching in, level 36 and Instinct pretty much dominates our area


Checking in from the SF Bay Area, where as far as I can tell we are vastly outnumbered by the reds and blues. Buddying with machop is about the only way to get their candies, and my buddy has walked enough to get me two good machamps…


If a level 2 trainer isn’t allowed into a gym yet, why does the team pick he makes in the effort to sneak an early peek count? Maybe there should be a Team Random… but 34+ levels after accidentally picking this team, I’m glad to be part of Team Instinct with y’all.


Look, I choosed this team, because in the beginning I was playing with more Instinct than knowledge… :grin:

And with the timeI have never lost a thought if choosing another team would have been better.

Taking a look, there are the following things:

  • more items when you turn the disc in a gym of your color… I have never a shortage of items, so I’ve lost nothing being yellow
  • getting coins, holding a Gym… well, I get not much coins, but apart of growing the storage of mon’s and items, they are not very important
  • getting more balls after winning a raid… I have participated only once in a Raid for a Mewtwo, and after 3 balls he was caught, so extra-balls for having the color of the gym were unnecesary.
  • posibilities to turn the color of a gym… well, the more gyms are in hand of blue or red, better for me, more chances I have to win them.

In resume I would say, that the color-choose has not interfered in my game. Today I’m 33, waiting for the 140k XP to change to 34. In my Pokedex are today 321 different entries, and nearly all of them completed in both genders.

And the most important of all, I’m happy with what I’m doing.






Instinct here!!!


Proud member of Instinct!


Another proud member!! :exploding_head: