[Team] Team Instinct here ⚡


Team Valor pretty much controls my town, so I hate attacking you guys. I wish we could team up to take down the Red team but I still think we’d be outnumbered.


When all else fails, one trusts in their Instincts



Thrashy spawns and jerky players on legendary raids but somehow managed to do that:


“Jerky players?” Do you mean trainer that laugh because you’re on team instinct (the best team)? If so, I usually give the response that I’m playing the game on hard mode, being the team with the lowest player count.


Ut’s not about quantity, it’s about quality. Average Instinct raid buddies I see are about 35-40, and Mystic and Valor are about 20-30. So yeah, we rule.


I mean, leaving me alone or doing nothing with blissey on raids.


More evidence instinct is the best team…both were completely uncoordinated


Hi I am new in Pokemon hub but I am also team instinct


Team instinct


Team Instinct is finally taking over London, it’s also sort of an inside joke with all of the Instinct players - We go around take all of the gyms in an area and then all of the Mystic / Valor payers complain about there being so many gyms to take back.


If it’s not too late to check in…


Yeah, we are lesser, but better

Hihi, I still think it’s just a casual decision in the beginning, but it’s so funny to fight against the others…


so true
i picked instinct just because i was wearing a yellow shirt at the time, but as time progressed i decided i liked it a lot actually. finding other instinct players at gyms is awesome too…


Quiet right, valor, instinct, mystic… I will never know why I have choosen instinct.

But it doesn’t matter, once inside, allways inside


I chose Instinct because I always trust my instincts; they’re usually always right :slight_smile:



Seriously though we own this town and us and valor assist each other in the town. Mystic is virtually nonexistant.


Clawed Chloe, Miffed Molly and Sanman ready for action!


Checking in for battle… :zap:️:zap:️:zap:️:zap:️:zap:️:zap:️:zap:️ The few The proud Team Instinct


What What What Instinct Represent