Team Rocket Takeover


I faced it before, used Overheat Moltres and Smack Down Ttar


Some of these Grunt battles have been strange in choices required to get it done.
As mentioned some where on here I had 3x Snorlax battle. My first thought was use my L40 100% Machamps as that’s what I use to do a Snorlax Raid or remove big ones in Gyms in the fastest possible time. Thought it would be quick and easy but no… my 3 Machamps got torn apart in 1 1/2 Snorlax’s. I went a second time with 3 Smack Down Ttar and tore the Snorlax’s to shreds.


Maybe the following is common knowledge but I did not know.

If you’re limited to 1500 CP Pokemon in the battles against Team Rocket, delete the Great and Ultra league party’s. That should fix the issue. The other way around works if you like a challenge.


Thanks for the tip. I suspect it will be for naught, though, as I’ve decided it’s one more feature of the game that just isn’t worth the bother.


I would consider it as trading my healing item for stardust and possibly good IV Pokémon


For Snorlax I used the recommended 2(nr 3 was Slaking…) I even had some room for a mistake.
This was my team:


Finnaly encounter the Snorlax Snorlax Dragonite line up, beat it the first try without knowing the line up upon entering the battle. Smack Down Tyranitar is the MVP and ice Mamoswine is the runner up.


Unless people are on the same level it varies greatly.
Did a Grunt battle the other day Dratini, Dragonaire, Dragonite. Used my Geniric bash most L40 93% x2 Giratina (Shadow Claw, Shado Ball) and L40 100% Tyranitar (Bite / Crunch) and only just got it done (nearly failed).
A friend who’s only L37 used a team of Giratina with the same moves powered to around L35 and only used 1 1/2 Giratina. They got it done heaps easier than I did.
I’ve done that combo again and owned them using MewTwo with Psycho Cut / Ice Beam.


Anyone know whats the highest Level the Reward Shadow Pokemon can be caught at after a battle?
Surely there’s a Max Level on these?
I’ve found that Purified go to L25 regardless of what level the Shadow was.


As far as I know shadow Pokémon are level 1 - 5 (or 1-10 with weather boost)


Someone on Local Discord confirms they are caught L1-5 with +5 for weather boosting.
So L10 is the highest a Shadaow can be caught after battle.
Someone on Silph Road has made the ultimate sacrifice of Dust and Powered one up over L25 and then Purified to test if it defaults back to L25 but it stayed at the same Level.
Anything under L25 will go to L25 not higher. It would be a complete waste of Dust to Power Up partially then Purify.


Where’s Giovanni? He was found photobombing in GO Fest, but still hasn’t appeared in the game.


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