Team Rocket Invasion and Shadow Pokemon -- more data mined


Chrales found a bumper crop of new dialog for whatever Niantic is planning for Shadow Pokemon and Team Rocket’s involvement. Whatever this is, it sounds like it will be coming in fast and hard in the coming weeks. I assume it will be after the XP rewards from GO Fest Dortmund expire next week, and while Armored Mewtwo is still in raids. It would carry over that theme well.




“Winning is for winners” -Rocket grunt


oohhhh… Looks like its release is closer than expected… :smiley:


Looks interesting


Interesting, I think we should’ve got Cipher instead but you know, Rocket is famous


Probably will be tested on Yokoama in 2 weeks. Only after that, it will be released worldwide.
Hope they get Cypher and Team Rocket is a surprise showup. Those lines are very similar to the ones from Colosseum and XD:Gale of Darkness.


I like these lines. Finally we get a story, more interaction with our leaders and of course Team (GO) Rocket!



O better be careful ^^