Team instinct chat



The other team instinct chat was closed here is a new one!


There are three teams
Team failure
Team mistake
Team incredible


Why did you join team instinct?
this question is from the original team instinct chat


I joined by mistake :sweat_smile:
but I still would join team Instinct if I was given the choice again :zap:
how I joined by mistake is I was so excited I didn’t read that I had to join 1 team I thought I had to join all of them then I ended up tapping Instinct first


I’ve noticed a lot of newer players have joined Instinct. This is probably best team to join now because there are always lots of red and blue gyms out there to take down. At least you won’t get bored.


I just like the colour red, only reason I joined the team.


No,you are


Team instinct is incredible


It does


Cmon,just stop being annoying…


I think this is the best option to stop the conflicts here.