Team instinct Chat 2


Big fat error from my side… In the beginning (Aug 2016) I made the account, but don’t wrote down the username, nor the password. Everything gone well, until the phone broke…:disappointed_relieved::-1::disappointed_relieved:


we can talk about this in the pm


That is harsch. But you now what email addresses you used? or Login methode?


It was PTC and I was in level 28. But for a strange reason, when I tried to get in again, allways popped up an account in level 5 which was not mine.
Four months ago I have started to use this account again, now he is in level 32 and helps me to do some Raid I can’t play alone.


My feeling is if you don’t battle, you don’t those get XP points or for me as newer player, see different pokemon use their movesets. Today, I battled a shiny Magmar; its was cool. Some of the field research require it, not that you have to do those field research. Another reason is no one gets their daily 50 coin limit, unless you get knocked out. I guess I don’t mind the time it takes, if the gym is full and stocked with fully pumped mons. I also don’t mind giving out berries, to all- if I have them because you get stardust. There are things I do mind and I just have to get over them, being left out.




Apologies for closing, topic has been reopened.


Hello, all Instinct Players,
For me, it seems that in our days the colours have lost a lot of importance. With colour I mean the players choice, because Niantic insists to make special days of “pink” Pokémon (I will never understand why).

Returning, in my area time ago we have started cooperation. A red gym… we wait until 8 hours have past, then a blue or a yellow will fight him down, the same for the other colours. An investigation which ask you to fight 7 times with a special attack… we do, but we left the owners in this gym, until the 8 hours have past.
When I see a gym where nobody have past in the last days, I free the poor Pokémon shivering for their low PC, and go on in my way.

Really, we have so many things to do, that the old angriness with the other colours seem out of place.
So, let’s have fun, and if you have any mention special for our “yellow” colour, here’s the place to put it.


I wish my community was like this. I only defeat one Gym with all Pokémon at the lowest health possible a day, or none, but all my defending Pokémon have to wait for three-four days in Gyms and then they all get defeated on the same day. :man_facepalming: That’s why I‘m mostly joining Gyms that are already yellow now. I’ll let anyone else just take all Gyms over at the same day.