Taxed? for the 9.99 pokecoins?


so 4 days ago my wife bought a google card for 10 bucks and bought some pokecoins. the 9.99 package
yesterday i did the same exact thing. only the game is saying i owe 10.61 due to taxes. ive talked to both niantic and google and both are trying to do the blame the other guy game. has anyone else had this or a similar experience.


Never heard of that. You could try your luck on the Reddit of Silph Road. Search there if no one here has an answer for it. And please share how it ended or what you found. Because this is so strange.


So far, I’m just getting the runaround. this makes no sense to me and Niantic is try to claim they set taxes, that google is the one who does that but ive never had an issue with google taxing my purches. ill post a screen shot of the 2 purchases later. once she gets home.


Did you get it worked out? I’m having the same problem. My son got Google play gift cards for his birthday and it’s charging him tax to buy from the store.