Taiwan Safari Zone!


Any thoughts?


Not Thailand, it’s Tainan in Taiwan


Alot of fun looking. Drop an egg and swipe all those stops gain level easy!


I want a Safari zone near me…


I’m pretty disappointed with this, every other event they had worldwide boosts of the new shiny release. Now we are stuck with a rare Pokémon that most will not be able to acquire.

Another failure to do right by Niantic.


i had the same discussion last night. My hopes are set for the weekend.

This event lasts 5 days. Where the other similar events only lasted 2 days. So my hope is we get increased spawns this weekend.


Is pinsir a regional? Also, it fits with the bug theme… :grin:


pinsir is not a regional




@Thorend, i was right :smile: 2 days increased spawns and shiny chance during weekend.


I got a shiny Pinsir!


It made for a good prediction!