Surprise about Pikachu and Raichu


Well, I thought I have them all and then I found this in the Database of GoHub…

Screenshot_37 pokemon_icon_026_00_08

In the Database they are related with the event no. 8

Anybody knows when this event was or will be? Or is it a design which later has been declined to use?


Those arent used yet


I presume closer to wintertime given the design.


I got this on the 2nd…


These are the one’s which have appeared until now:



It looks like some sort of winter hat.


I believe those are all of the costume Pikachu released in the game at this moment.


Seen it a while now. Was suppose to come out earlier this year and didnt


Yeah, these leaked before the winter event … then didn’t make it into the game for some reason. lol


Ok, everything cleared, thanks for the help. I will close it now.