Suicune is next research breakthrough reward


Terrible legendary Pokémon. I’ll bet no one is excited.


I’m going to get 4th Entei tomorrow but save next set of stamps for Suicune.


I know I’m not




What lvl r u?


I never got Suicune either. Never did a Legendary Raid until Groudon.


I am lvl 36, almost 37.




My first legendary raid was Raikou. I didn’t do Suicune or Hooh or Lugia, OR Kyogre, or Groundon.


Got all the older ones on repeat visits or research breakthroughs. Suicune is last one me and son don’t have yet.


A legendary is a legendary, still.


Yup. Gotta catch them all.


I’m excited because I haven’t got one yet. Although one’s enough as well…


I only have 1 entei…


It is actually a dex filler


Oh but I am excited alright. I do not have one yet, plus you never know. Niatic could add some feature that makes the defensive types of legendaries usefull someday. It it always good to have a good one just in case.


I’m excited. I don’t have one yet.


And its the only legendary I caught not in Santa Monica.


Guess I can stop caring about the stamps for a whole month, thats cool


Do it for the candy. Pinap it and you get 6 because it can’t flee. Then wait until you get the three hour special raid event day. When all that is over, consolidate your extra beasts, transfer them for more candy and power up your best one. Then keep just that one. I plan to do that with all three birds soon.