Successfull anti spoof measures


Hi all,

I am an admin of the PoGo community in Sibiu Romania. Was thinkng that with your help we can gather a list of succesfull anti-spoof actions that can be taken.
I can start with saying that we created a Anti Spoof group and we regularly report profiles every week. how it works is as follows:

  1. Someone posts on the FB group a profile picture and explanation of the reasons for which the trainer is spoofing with proof and so on.
  2. We discuss the validity of the reasons.
  3. If considered a spoofer he is added to a list with known cases.
  4. Each weekend the group members “pledge” to send individual reports with all the trainer names that we have on the list.
  5. Some have been reported even 20 weeks in a row.

I can only say that some changes have happened but nothing that we can definetly say : “Yeah this is because of our reports”

Spoofer = person playing games like PoGO or Ingress from a device and faking a GPS location. For example you can sit at a computer playing PokemonGO on a virtual device and use a software that is fakeing your location just to move around. This can also be done on mobile devices by using gps modifing software. This is highly risky and banned by Niantic. I do not encourage anyone to do this this inforamtion is just for educational purposes. Such users are called spoofers and in my opinion are tha main problem with the game at this point.
(I’ll flag the article so in case this is concidered to encourage negative actions please remove it :frowning: )

Anyone else that has anti spoofer actions in place?



Hello @Cyb3rvirus just a quick question. Could you briefly explain what a spoofer is for anyone who will come across this and not be familiar with the meaning spoofer.


@jamzijai13 Sure ill edit my post above. :slight_smile:


See my post Botters and Spoofers and Cheats! Oh My!

This is 100% the biggest issue in the game right now.

They either

  1. somehow get rid of all spoofing methods (unlikely),
  2. rework the gyms system in some way that will help (underway I believe but I’m not holding my breath for any miracles)
    3)introduce pvp to compensate somewhat for the gym flop.
  3. invest swiftly and adequately in reporting, logging and identifying methods and banning these game ruining cheaters indiscriminately, only accepting account reinstatement if they have made a mistake and this can be appealed and proven.

I have reported many, many times but nothing. Same spoofers still at it with more an more accounts.

No prizes for guessing which team of spoofers has infested my town and city

Something has to be done as the game will flop if the GPS spoofers keep increasing at the rate they are.


I think reporting the spoofers actually works because there are well known spoofers in my town that are gone from the game.

Our method was something like:

  • go with friends where they are the most active
  • catch them while they are spoofing
  • take screenshots in game that you are at the gym where spoofer just took the gym
  • send report with coordinates of the gym, screenshot, name of the spoofer and time of the day when it happend
  • have more that one example

We think this is working, and can only hope it is.


I have done all this, minus the gym co-ordinates. I don’t think they ask for this in the reporting form? I always assumed they would be able to find the gym location through the gym naming and the location info I give them (town, city, country) and perhaps just by my own GPS logging at that time


Hello guys, I’m sick of spoofers too, in my home town there’s someone who post pictures of him using a hack, he is always in every gym, can you please help me to report this guy. I really appreciate. Here’s a picture of him cheating. …
( I try to upload the picture but it’s say it’s not suporrted) how can I do? He’s username is: DuarteD22… does reporting users to niantic works, I heard it doesn’t make the diference.


Some info here: ->Closed topic.
Please continue discussion here.


Guys, I wouldn’t worry to much. We withstood the spoofers for so long, waiting another month or so doesn’t sound so bad. Ingress has such an advanced anti-spoofing/cheating system, that minutes after you start spoofing/cheating you are already banned. Niantinc has been trying to slowly (and surely) implement this system in PGO. It’s just a matter of patience now.


I really hope you’re right.
That’s pretty much the only thing right now kinda stopping me from playing like before…


Hi all, they sadly are still my area and they are the same team as me so I can’t do nothing about it. Gyms are always level 10 and the same names. Plus so many “how to” vids spoof in the new version of POGO on YouTube don’t help the matter.


Spoofing is out of control. They attack our local 21 gyms late at night so as not to be challenged. We have a community agreement where all 3 factions work together to maintain certain towers but even this has become impossible due to spoofing. We as a group report these names every day but they still remain, undoing diligent and coordinated efforts by legitimate trainers. It just sucks.


when accidentally turn gps off than when i turn it back on it says GPS signal not found can you please help i think they might think i am a spoofer


This is not a case, this may happen also when you eg lost your GPS signal don’t worry about this! :slight_smile:


lets hope that these things are sorted - its been rampant for like 9month now lmao


Can’t let it upset you, there will be a day where this will no longer happens. As for now see them for who they are…sad and pathetic trainers :poop:. They attempt to make legit players give up, but personally I love removing that trash daily. :raised_hands:t2:


I’m not a combat focused guy and I’m a pure collector, like unlocking the icons on my pokedex is my goal so spoofers have 0 impact on me hence I’m not bothered with anything but I do appreciate what people ask of niantic to cut out the cheaters and yeah that’s cool