Strongest Charge moves in game


What do you think is the strongest moves.

Focus blast is a Blissy / Tyranitar killa
Hydro Pump is almost undodgeable
Shadow Ball for all Mewtwos

What are some of the strongest moves in game?


I like Outrage and Frenzy Plant :stuck_out_tongue:


Also Blast Burn :fire::fire::fire:


Havent even used blast burn or frenzy plant yet.


:rofl: Well Blast Burn works as well as Flareon and Frenzy Plant is pretty good on Venasaur.


Sceptile already has a really good move, and Frenzy Plant will be another.


Dynamic Punch
Dazzling gem


DaZZzling Gem isNt in tHe gaMe


Dazzling Gleam* :face_with_monocle:


Solar Beam is Amazing.


This is off topic, but…

Somebody toucha my spaghet!

hope this makes you laugh!




Outrage is my favorite so far


Aye buddy great minds think alike :wink:


Outrage, Solar Beam, and Focus Blast are my favorites.


As a main series player I just cant bring myself to use Focus Blast on Blissey, it just doesnt feel right


It’s legit only move i use against blissy.


The game keeps picking Gengar for me to use against Blissey, so I roll with it.


Used to use tyranitar with stone edge but Focus blast outclasses it by farr.


Oh I wish I had Mewtwo