Storage Upgrade Increase any time soon I hope?!


1500 with all the new releases has quickly become full - hoping there is a potential increase on the horizon! 3000 would be amazing but will take any :slight_smile:


We should get 50 extra spots for free.
The new Pokémons and shinies are eating places.


Just asking here, but what on earth do you guys hoard that takes up so much room?! I manage with 500 space and 1500 isn’t enough? How many pidgeys?


80+ IV’s, shinies and at least 2 copies of every Pokémon (unless I don’t have 2).


Shinies, special Pokémon that serve as momento of my travels, 98-100% IVs, legendaries with IVs over 93% which comes to roughly 700. The add on regionals and Unown for trading-that accounts for another 150. Oh ya, my original gym team (12), about 200 Pokémon that I plan to trade for candy or KMs. Also have 75 potential evolves stored in prep for potential future community days.

I spent the drive up to gofesf purging down to 850. I’ll deal several shiny Pokémon, Unown, legendaries and regionals once friendship levels increase. But I’ll still have over 900 that meet my criteria for saving.


700 spaces, thinking about buying at upgrade atm


WHAT a 1500 poke cap?!?!?! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I think someones hat is a little to tight @ niantic…

I’m just little over a month playing. I’m @ 181 pokes, not included forms and ♀♂ with different looks.
And holding my evolution for special and field research…


I have space 1500… the last time deleting what I thought could be deleted, I’ve gone down to 1250.
I’m shure there are more to send to the Profesor, but I have problems to decide which one has to go… I love them all.


I hope they increase the Items and Pokémon Storage :pray::pray::pray:


My pokemon: 671/700
My storage: 1601/1600